Automatic Extensions of ABC Retail Permitted Areas

May 2020
Automatic Extensions of ABC Retail Permitted Areas

The Governor’s May 20 Executive Order 141 moving the state into a modified Phase 2 stage allowed restaurants and (as amended on May 22) breweries, wineries, distilleries, and cider makers with taprooms to open with certain restrictions. A clear theme of the restrictions/guidelines is to maximize the space between patrons. The more space that establishments have, the better able they will be to comply with the established safety protocols for social distancing. To that end, the NC ABC issued a memorandum that allows these qualifying NC ABC retail permit holders to temporarily extend their retail premise areas into adjoining outside areas like yards, parking areas, sidewalks, courtyards, and the like provided that the following requirements are met:

  1. The permit holder must have permission from the property owner. This may already be covered by the permit holder’s lease or deed. If it is not, written permission for use of the expansion area will be needed from the owner;
  2. The permit holder will need approval from the local government entity for the expansion;
  3. The permit holder must notify either the local NC ALE agent or local law enforcement of the extended premise area prior to use;
  4. The permit holder must maintain a diagram of the temporary extension area (including size and location) that also describes the perimeter barriers and shows the layout of tables and chairs; 
  5. The temporary expansion of the retail permitted area does not increase the maximum occupancy for the location;
  6. The expansion area must be adjacent to the existing permitted area;
  7. The expanded retail area must be visibly distinct to the average person. The barriers may consist of temporary fencing, planters, bike racks, and similar obstacles; and
  8. The expanded retail area is only valid for the Phase 2 period. Extensions for the time period after Phase 2 will require NC ABC approval;
  9. The permit holder does NOT need to get permission from the NC ABC for this temporary extension.

These extensions of the premise areas will allow the restaurants and qualifying tasting rooms better implement social distancing guidelines. The patron areas will be safer, and feel safer. Get distant. Be safe.


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By Derek Allen


Updated: May 23, 2020

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