Eastern Cherokee response to COVID

Mar 2020
Eastern Cherokee response to COVID

Effective March 23rd, 2020, at 12pm, Principal Chief Richard Sneed has closed the Eastern Cherokee reservation and issued a shelter in place order.

A week after closing the Casino and placing additional restrictions, the Principal Chief's Order suspended all tribal operations of the EBCI and closed all tribal offices except those that are required to maintain the critical services of the tribe.  It also closed non-essential business.  The business which will remain open on the reservation:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Convenience Stores/Gas Stations
  • Hospital & Healthcare Services
  • Food Pantries & Food Banks
  • Automotive Repair Services
  • Pharmacies
  • Mail services
  • Sanitation Services
  • Banking Institutions
  • Residential Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Restaurants (Take out & Delivery Only)

The Principal Chief also issued a stay at home order which strongly encourages community members to stay at home to the fullest extent possible.  He also asked the members to limit all off-boundary travel to trips necessary to obtain medical services and buy groceries.

Finally, the Chief closed all roads entering and exiting the Qualla Boundary except for travel to provide critical services.  Entrance to the QuaIla Boundary will be limited to commercial goods/services being delivered to the Qualla, Boundary, hospital/critical employees, contracted workers performing critical services, tribal/federal government services, and residents and their families.  Access to the Qualla Boundary will be limited to the following locations:

  • Highway 441 at Casino Trail Junction
  • Highway 19 South at Birdtown
  • Highway 19 North at Soco

All other access points are closed, and similar restrictions will be applied to other tribal areas including the 3200 acre tract, Snowbird, Tomotla, and Hanging Dog.

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By James Kilbourne


Updated: March 23, 2020