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Trademarks, Trade Dress & Copyrights

You have worked hard to build your business; don’t forget to build and protect its intellectual property as well. At Allen Stahl + Kilbourne, we know the importance and value of intellectual property and work closely with clients to help ensure that this business asset is protected. 

Trademarks: Trademarks are the identifiers that distinguish your product or service from others. These are typically words, logos or slogans that enable a consumer to identify a product or service as yours. Our intellectual property team will assist you with clearance of your trademark, registration and post registration maintenance.

Trade Dress: Trade dress is the overall image of your product or service and is made up of many different elements including size, color, shape, labeling or packaging of a product. If you have questions about your trade dress, our attorneys can get you answers.

Copyrights: Copyrights protect original pieces of work which can range from literary works, to music, photographs, paintings, dramatic works and more. Our intellectual property team will assist you by advising you on copyright law, performing due diligence and research, and assisting you with registration of your copyright.

License Agreements: There is value in intellectual property, and you can capitalize on that asset by allowing others to use it. License Agreements set out the terms and conditions that others must follow in order to be allowed to use your intellectual property. Our experienced staff will assist you in negotiating and drafting terms of license agreements to help you maximize the value of your intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Litigation: Our litigators represent both plaintiffs and defendants in trademark infringement issues.


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