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Real Estate Litigation

The attorneys at Allen, Stahl + Kilbourne handle all types of real estate and development problems, from the most complex issues to minor boundary line disputes. 

Anytime real property is involved in a legal dispute, you need competent attorneys with knowledge of real property law coupled with trial experience to help you come up with a solution or resolution. 

We encourage our clients to get us involved as soon as possible when a real property dispute arises.  We have found that the sooner we get involved the easier it is to find solutions to delicate issues like real property disputes.  Also, we do not always advocate for filing lawsuits if there are other ways of resolving your legal problems.  Litigation should be the last resort in real property disputes mainly because the opposing party is typically a neighboring landowner who you may have to interact with for many years to come.  That is why it is important to be strategic in how to approach real property disputes. 

Our attorneys therefore strive to provide practical advice to our clients -- advice that is well reasoned and strategic based upon the client’s needs and goals.  It is this strategic approach that we believe separates us from other law firms.  

However, if you do find yourself involved in litigation you can trust that our attorneys will fiercely defend or prosecute your case.  Our attorneys are seasoned litigators who are just as comfortable in the courtroom as they are in the conference room.