Residents of Planned Communities Satisfied

Jun 2014
Residents of Planned Communities Satisfied

According to survey results released last week from the Community Associations Institute, Americans who live in areas subject to homeowners associations are “overwhelmingly satisfied” with their communities.  Over 65 million Americans live with homeowners associations; two-thirds of those surveyed rated their experience as positive, with twenty-six percent remaining neutral. Only ten percent of those surveyed expressed any dissatisfaction.


The typical homeowners association is governed by volunteers, and more than two million Americans serve as volunteers in their community associations nationwide. Over ninety percent of those surveyed say their association board members “serve the best interests of their communities.”


Dungan, Kilbourne & Stahl is a member of the Community Associations Institute. This survey’s results confirm four previous surveys that revealed similar levels of satisfaction with community associations. The national survey was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for the Foundation for Community Association Research.