Salesman Permits

Aug 2022
Salesman Permits

Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) flagging clients for technical violations of ABC law, including, specifically, failure to obtain salesman permits.  Failure to have a salesman permit for each route salesman employed by a wholesaler (including a brewery or winery holding a malt beverage wholesaler or wine wholesaler, respectively) can result in a North Carolina ABC Commission violation and fine.

These permits are very easy to obtain.  Simply complete the Wholesale Salesman’s Application found here and mail to the NCABC along with a $100 certified check or cashier’s check and a black and white copy of the employee’s valid driver’s license.  The NCABC processes these fairly quickly.  The holder of a salesman permit is permitted to sell and transport malt beverages for a malt beverage wholesaler (or unfortified/fortified wine for a wine wholesaler) and the permit is valid so long as the salesman is employed by the same wholesaler.


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Updated: August 17, 2022