Alcohol Delivery Allowed

Mar 2020
Alcohol Delivery Allowed

For clients with NC ABC retail permits and who are considering direct to customer delivery sales, here are the rules as we understand them right now:

  1. Holders of retail ABC licenses are allowed to deliver beer and wine under that license. No spirits.
  1. Delivery persons are supposed to have gone through training and proof of same. NC ABC website has free training here: - - You can also do “in house” training, but it needs to be approved by the NC ABC.
  1. Sales need to be made at the location of the ABC retail license. This can be in-person, by phone, or a website. You can NOT sell at the customer’s location. Delivery persons cannot handle cash or cc payments (tips are ok).
  1. You may not make deliveries to dry cities/counties.
  1. You may not make a delivery to persons under 21.
  1. You may not make a delivery to an intoxicated person.
  1. You MUST leave the product with a person (who is 21 or older, but it doesn’t have to be the person who purchased it).
  1. Primarily applicable to growlers/crowlers - “A delivery of alcoholic beverages in a package that obscures the manufacturer’s original packaging shall have affixed to the outside of the package a notice in 26-point type or larger stating: ‘CONTAINS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES; AGE VERIFICATION REQUIRED.’”

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By Derek Allen,  Megan Farley, and Carolyn Pearce Small

Updated: March 19, 2020