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Every Corporation, Limited Liability Company and Limited Partnership in North Carolina needs a registered agent.  The sole duty of the Registered Agent is for forward to the business entity at its last known address any notice, process, or demand that is served on the registered agent. 


You don't want these important documents going to a Post Office Box in Raleigh.  When you partner with Allen Stahl + Kilbourne as your registered agent, you ensure that all lawsuits, demands, and notice are sent directly to your attorney.  We are able to let you know any changes in law that would affect you.  We remind you when its time to file your annual report and are always available to discuss any issues your company faces.  


Business Check-ups:

Allen Stahl + Kilbourne is pleased to offer our clients periodic legal check-ups of their policies and procedures to ensure continuing compliance with business, corporate, and employment laws. Contact us to schedule an appointment.