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Appellate Law

When the jury reaches a verdict, the case is not over.  Either party can appeal to higher courts to correct errors of law.  Because appeals have different rules and require different skills than a trial, it is important to retain an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to protect your rights in the appellate courts.

James W. Kilbourne, Jr., is one of the few attorneys in Western North Carolina to serve on the Appellate Rules Committee, assisting the courts in draft rule changes and on the Section Council of the Appellate Practice Section of the North Carolina Bar Association.  His regular trips to Raleigh and Richmond allow him to know the Judges in these Appellate Courts and to confer regularly with appellate practitioners on important current issues in appellate law.  

In addition to representing our own clients on appeal, we are available to consult with counsel in other firms who have appellate issues and represent their clients on referral.