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Craft Beverage

Real knows real, they say. That statement epitomizes the craft beverage industry and its innovators. Our attorneys have embraced this culture and the culture has embraced them. We have assisted manufacturers and retailers of all types and sizes across North Carolina and throughout the United States and abroad. Our attorneys have worked with dozens of craft breweries, wineries, cideries, distillers, mead makers, saki makers, and more. We handle issues for manufacturers with international distribution and start-ups on small systems with only tap room sales. In addition, we support wholesalers, retailers, equipment providers, and vendors of all sorts that work in and around alcohol.

We believe that the craft beverage boom is part of a larger movement - - a craft lifestyle. This lifestyle is one that is defined by connection and authenticity. The keepers of this way of life seek meaningful, quality experiences and generally desire to be better stewards of humanity. We believe in this culture and we are here to protect it.


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From left to right: Scott K. Burger, Alicia E. Sessoms, Derek J. Allen, Megan Farley, and Clifton Williams