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Litigation - State & Federal Courts

The attorneys at Allen Stahl + Kilbourne are all seasoned litigators who are just as comfortable in the courtroom as they are in the conference room.  We analyze cases with our clients to identify and determine litigation goals and desired outcomes and then come up with a strategic approach in order to reach those goals and obtain the desired outcomes.  

Our firm represents a wide variety of clients in litigation (individuals as well as small and large businesses in both simple and complex matters).  We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil disputes. Our litigation attorneys have experience before state and federal trial and appellate courts. We regularly handle many types of matters including contract disputes, unfair and deceptive trade practices, real property and commercial landlord tenant disputes, commercial litigation, shareholder disputes, environmental matters, employee benefits, condemnation, and local regulatory matters such as zoning and land use restrictions, representing clients in pursuit of zoning and development approvals and tax assessments.



You do not have to be involved in pending litigation in order to need the services of a litigation attorney.  We provide consultations to individuals and business owners regarding any manner of liability they may be concerned with.  This service is probably the most recommended service we provide because for a small consultation fee we may be able to help prevent liability before it becomes a problem, potentially saving you a significant amount of time and money. 


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From left to right: Clifton Williams, Jeffrey K. Stahl, Derek J. Allen, Hannah Michalove, Robert C. "Bo" Carpenter, Damie A. Sesay, Jesse M. Swords, and James W. Kilbourne, Jr.