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Estate Planning & Administration

The estate planning and administration processes can be challenging and emotional times for clients. We are here to minimize the challenges and stresses that are associated with both and will work with you to ensure that your desires are covered and communicated in a way that is easy for others to understand and follow.


Estate Planning: Our compassionate attorneys will sit down with you in person and discuss your wishes to help ensure that your estate is distributed the way you want when you pass away.  Whether a will or a revocable trust best suits your estate planning needs, we can help.

Are you a shareholder or member of a business? If so, there may be restrictions on how you are allowed to transfer your interests when you pass away. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate these restrictions to ensure your estate plan does not violate any of these restrictions and invalidate any attempt to transfer your interests.

If you already have estate planning documents and want to update them, or if you have moved to from another state and want to update your documents to North Carolina requirements, we can assist you with reviewing, revising, and updating your already existing estate planning and advanced care documents.

Advanced Care Documents: A health care power of attorney, living will and durable general power of attorney are advanced care documents that stipulate your desires to others while you are still alive but are unable to act or communicate your wishes own your own.

Business Succession Planning: You have worked hard to build your business; don’t forget to plan for its success after you retire. Our team of attorneys can work with you to ensure that there is a smooth transition in place so that you can retire with the peace of mind that the right people will follow in your footsteps and build upon your success.

Estate Probate & Administration: Whether your loved one died with or without a will, we will work closely with the personal representative to navigate the administration of the estate in order to make this difficult process as painless as possible.