Creditor Rights in Bankruptcy & Debt Collection
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Creditor Rights in Bankruptcy & Debt Collection

At Allen Stahl + Kilbourne we work hard to protect the rights of creditors in all stages of debt collection including negotiating loan workouts, foreclosures, bankruptcy, litigation, and post judgment collection efforts. Whether you are seeking to recover a few thousand dollars or millions, we have the knowledge, skills, and determination to help you recover on your loan.


Loan Workouts: Our attorneys have extensive experience in assisting individual lenders and financial institutions negotiate with high risk and defaulted borrowers to get them back on track.

Foreclosures: When loan workouts don’t work out, foreclosure is very often the next step. Our firm has handled numerous foreclosures for lenders, individuals and property associations. 

Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy can be a confusing process for creditors and we make it a priority to educate our clients about the process and their rights before the bankruptcy court. Because we focus our bankruptcy practice on protecting the rights of creditors, we have a strong understanding of the tools available to creditors before the court.

Litigation: Allen, Stahl + Kilbourne’s team excels at litigating creditor cases. Whether it is a guarantor suit, debt collection action, or deficiency lawsuit, our experienced attorneys aggressively fight for a decision in the creditor’s favor. 

Post Judgment Collection: A judgment or verdict is the court’s recognition that money is owed to the prevailing party, but that judgment or verdict is just another step of many to recovery. Our lawyers will guide you through the steps of post judgment collection including determining what assets the debtor may have that are available to the creditor, and if there are available assets we take the necessary steps to find them, secure them and use them to pay your judgment.

Foreign Judgment Domestication: If you have a judgment from another state and the judgment debtor resides in or has assets located in North Carolina, Allen Stahl + Kilbourne will work with you, or your out of state counsel, to domesticate your out of state judgment and assist you in collecting the money you are owed.